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Beloit College Calendars collection

Identifier: AC 26

This collection contains many different calendars created by various groups within Beloit College. Included are the master events calendar (kept by the Dean of Students office); Arts, Lectures, and Sports; weekly events (1936-1982); this week's events; wall calendars and planners published by the Alumni and Development offices, and student groups.

Dates: 1902-ongoing

Beloit College collection of Honor System materials

Identifier: AC 61

This collection mainly gathers Robert K. Richardson’s research on Beloit College’s Honor System, where he transcribed articles, correspondence, and meetings minutes regarding cheating, the Honor Code, and especially in the 19th and early 20th centuries, reactions to the handling of honor and morality at the College. There are also brief histories of the Honor System and Honor Code written in 1957 and 1959.

Dates: 1865-1959; 1985-1987

Beloit College Commencement records

Identifier: AC 35

A collection of commencement programs and an assortment of related materials, including president's notes, audiovisual materials, and some programs from Baccalaureate.

Dates: 1851-2016

Beloit College Convocation records

Identifier: AC 37

The materials in this collection pertain to Beloit College's Opening Convocation, and include items like announcements, procession lists, invitations, programs, news clippings, and audiovisuals. There are no materials relating to other convocations such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation or the spring Honors Day convocation.

Dates: 1933-2011

Beloit College Development records

Identifier: AC 41
Abstract The Development Office has had many names over the years, but its primary function has always been the same: to develop the college's endowment and raise funds for various campaigns, programs, projects, and scholarships, amongst other things. This collection consists of many promotional brochures and mailings published by the Development Office, often aimed at alumni donors. Specific campaigns included are the "Greater Beloit Endowment Campaign," "Ford Foundation Challenge,"...
Dates: 1845-ongoing

Beloit College Directories collection

Identifier: AC 42

This collection contains lists of Beloit College students, faculty, and staff, along with phone numbers, email addresses, and in early-to-mid 20th century directories, student hometowns, student demographic information, academic calendars, administration office hours, Board of Trustees lists, and committee lists.

Dates: 1906-ongoing

Beloit College Field and Career Services (FACS) records

Identifier: AC 48
Abstract The bulk of these records are newsletters published by the Office of Field and Career Services. These newsletters were published under various titles, which seemed to change every one or two years. There is also correspondence, articles, event flyers, internship and career counseling brochures, and some related literature from prior to the formation of the office that relates to field terms and career services. In the fall of 2009, FACS became the Office of Career Services, and with the...
Dates: circa 1975-2008

Beloit College Health Services records

Identifier: AC 57

The Health Services records collection consists chiefly of publications distributed by Beloit College’s Health Services, also known as the Health and Wellness Center. These publications, most of which were published in the 1980s and 1990s, informed the Beloit College community of the services available to them, and include pamphlets, brochures, memoranda, flyers, and official newsletters.

Dates: 1929-2004; Majority of material found in 1980s-1990s

Beloit College Honors Day records

Identifier: AC 62
Abstract The Beloit College Honors Day records contain programs for most Academic Honors Day Convocations (also called Recognition Day) since 1943, and listed within the programs are names of recipients, arranged by field of study. Later editions of the programs offer explanations for the different awards, and various years feature covers designed by Beloit College students. Also held in the collection are correspondence, press releases (especially for Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges...
Dates: 1927, 1945-2009

Beloit College Inauguration collection

Identifier: AC 63

This collection is comprised of published copies of the inauguration addresses from each of Beloit College’s presidents. Beginning with Miller Upton, each president’s file also contains supplementary materials such as correspondence, news articles, and event planning documents regarding the inauguration events.

Dates: 1850-2000

Beloit College Institutional Research records

Identifier: AC 67

This collection consists mainly of reports and self-studies conducted by the Office of Institutional Research (formerly the College Examiner) in support of reviews, evaluations, and visits by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), which accredits Beloit College. There are also various other independent reviews, visit reports, and survey data, as well as statistics and profiles of the college, all dating from the mid-to-late 20th century.

Dates: 1956-2000

Beloit College Junior Exhibition Records

Identifier: AC 70

The Junior Exhibition was a yearly oratory program given by Beloit College's junior class. This collection contains Junior Exhibition event programs from the 1850s to the 1890s, as well as Robert K. and Helen D. Richardson's research on the events, which are typewritten transcripts of other programs, correspondence, and relevant faculty meeting minutes.

Dates: 1854-1893

Beloit College Library records

Identifier: AC 71
Abstract This collection contains many documents relating to the planning and construction of Beloit College's Colonel Robert H. Morse Library, and its renovations in the 1990s and 2000s. There are records and correspondence to and from the various library directors, especially H. Vail Deale and Dennis Dickenson, documentation about the library collections, facilities, statistics, annual departmental reports, fundraising, gifts, and publications created by the library staff. The bulk of the...
Dates: 1860s-ongoing

Beloit College Missionary collection

Identifier: AC 75

This collection gathers documents about missionaries from Beloit College, including lectures, articles, and other writings. There are some records from the Beloit College Missionary Society, and statistics from the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM). Of particular note are documents regarding the missions of Thomas D. Christie (class of 1867) to Turkey, Caleb Frank Gates (class of 1877), and Paul E. Nilson (class of 1911).

Dates: 1849-1919

Beloit College Mug Books collection

Identifier: AC 77

This is a collection of mug books, official Beloit College ID photographs of students by class year, for the class years 1970-2009. Books were alternatively titled "Photo Digest," "Photo Directory," "Picture Book," and "Faces." Most photos were taken during the students' freshman year. Mug books for the class of 1974, 2007, and 2008 are missing.

Dates: 1970-2009

Beloit College Museums collection

Identifier: AC 79
Scope and Contents The bulk of this collection contains materials relating to the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, held in Chicago, where some artifacts related to Beloit College were on display. Included are many souvenir books and albums, and a guestbook-style register for the expo itself and for visitors to the College’s museums that subsequently held artifacts that were on display at the fair. There are also many drafts and correspondence regarding The Columbian Collections: The...
Dates: 1892-1894, 1955-1959, 1991-2000s

Beloit College Music collection

Identifier: AC 80

This collection contains many brochures and programs for various college music productions and performances, as well as newspaper clippings about performances, tickets, music scores to plays and itineraries for performances. Groups and programs covered include the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra (BJSO), Glee Club, and the Performing Arts Series.

Dates: 1800s-ongoing

Beloit College New Student Days records

Identifier: AC 81

This collection contains brochures, schedules, correspondence, other promotional materials, and ephemera from Beloit College’s New Student Days (also known as Freshman Days) orientation week. Also included is information regarding the College's Ten Day Language Orientation Program.

Dates: 1925-2007

Beloit College Registers

Identifier: AC 21

The Beloit College registers are lists of 19th and early 20th century Beloit College and Academy students. They were created and kept by the Archaean Union (and its progenitor literary societies), Professor Joseph Porter, and an unknown individual. They contain information such as who served in the Civil War, hometowns, parents' names, and club affiliations, amongst various other data.

Dates: 1847-1913

Beloit College Religion records

Identifier: AC 92

Most of these materials were generated by the ad hoc Christian College Committee and the Spiritual Life committee. In general, the documents pertain to religion and religious discussions on campus around the 1950s until the 1970s. They also pertain to the creation of the Spiritual Life Program from 2002-2003. Additionally, there are materials pertaining to the relationship between the college and religion and local churches and the college to present.

Dates: 1950s-1970s, 1999-2003

Beloit College Student Symposium records

Identifier: AC 103
Abstract The annual Beloit College student symposium showcases student research in the form of papers and presentations. This collection contains mostly programs and planning documentation for the annual student symposia, including the general research symposium, the international symposium, and the short-lived summer symposium. The documents cover the entire lifetime of the events from the year prior to the 1st Annual Student Symposium in 1977 to the first International Student Symposium in 2002...
Dates: 1976-ongoing

Beloit College Theatre records

Identifier: AC 105
Abstract This collection contains materials relating to Beloit College's drama and theatre programs. The bulk of the collection is comprised of photographs of and programs for plays performed at the college by both student and professional troupes, including the Beloit College Players, New American Theatre, Court Theatre, the Festival Theatre program, and other visiting groups. There are various press releases, ads, newspaper clippings, and information on student groups, as well as many original...
Dates: 1869-ongoing

Beloit College Treasurer records

Identifier: AC 106

The treasurer's annual reports, early versions of which were actually published twice annually, contain balance sheets, general statements of income and expenses, and exhibits of funds. These reports were given to the Board of Trustees. The collection here covers the years of 1891-1950.

Dates: 1891-1950

Beloit College William L. Kolb papers

Identifier: MC 63
Abstract William "Bill" Kolb was Beloit College's Dean of the College and Provost from 1964-1975. This collection primarily contains materials he created or received while he served that office. Topics covered include the Black Demands of 1969, Christian College Committee, the Danforth Foundation, early Beloit Plan, academic departmental reports, development opportunities, and the South End Complex project. There is also personal correspondence, biographies, news releases and articles about Kolb,...
Dates: 1953-1996

Beloit College World War I collection

Identifier: AC 112

This collection contains predominantly military service records for Beloit College and other local community members, with brief biographical information. There are also articles, correspondence, faculty and trustee meeting minutes, photographs, and pamphlets about various aspects of Beloit College's involvement in World War I.

Dates: 1917-1922

Beloit College World War II collection

Identifier: AC 113
Abstract This artificial collection contains documents pertaining to Beloit College's involvement in World War II. There is information on college courses and training programs offered, student and faculty service records, official United States military bulletins, brochures and pamphlets on attending college during wartime, newspaper clippings (primarily from the Round Table), history and remembrances of the College during WWII, photos, and Committee on Military Service correspondence and...
Dates: 1937-2004; bulk 1941-1943

Beloit Seminary records

Identifier: AC 120

This small collection contains record books and other documents created by or about the Beloit Seminary, including a constitution, by-laws, student lists and records, catalogs, event programs, and meeting minutes.

Dates: Majority of material found within 1845-1906, 1941

Bink Noll collection

Identifier: MC 78
Scope and Contents

Contains Bink Noll's poetry (drafts, published versions), correspondence (including with other poets like James Dickey, Richard Eberhart, George Garrett, Archibald MacLeish, William Meredith, W. S. Merwin, Stephen Spender, May Sarton), class materials from his courses at Beloit College, photographs, articles about him, other writings, appointment books, notes and observations, and his diary from 1945.

Dates: circa 1945-1986

Biology Department

Identifier: AC 938
Scope and Contents

Correspondence, departmental literature, press releases (1947-1989), Beloit Biologist publication (1982-2014), student posters

Dates: 1947-ongoing

Book Store

Identifier: AC 942
Scope and Contents

Articles, computer ads, brochures, plastic bag, design ideas

Dates: 1899-2004